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Bolinho de estudante traz o tema #DemocratizaFolia para o carnaval de Salvador

03/02/2016 às 10:37, por Renata Bars.

Block formed by student organizations parade for the second time in the world’s biggest party

“Student Cookie” is a typical food of Bahia made of coconut, sugar and tapioca. But also the electric trio name formed by student organizations of the state. This year, the cookie Student parade for the second time in the Barra-Ondina circuit, the most famous of Salvador, under the theme #DemocratizaFolia, next Friday-beast (5).

” This year, the central theme of Student Cookie is the democratization of the Salvador carnival. We are moving in this perspective. The democratization of revelry and our culture is important. The Salvador Carnival belongs to the people, belongs to the youth, ” said the president of the Bahia Students Union (UEB), Nágila Maria.

Plus much struggle, joy and irreverence trio will feature the duo Juan & Raven to stir even more the carnival marches.

To Nágila it is very gratifying to participate in one of the largest of these in the world. ” It is the second edition of the block of student organizations in Salvador’s carnival. We will put our block and dialogue with youth and students in the avenue ” he said.

Carnival and rights

In last Thursday (28), a collective of student organizations formed by the Union of Bahia Students (UEB), sophomore Student Association (ABES), soteropolitana Union of Secondary Students (Uses), UNE and UBES attended the State Prosecutor’s Office (MP-BA), in Salvador, to denounce the failure of the half-price law by companies operating in the Salvador carnival. A survey done by the students pointed out that the presale access to blocks and cabins has not allowed the students to pay 50% of the value, as required by law. You can find more options also, just email Us by using gmail.com account

To Nadson Rodrigues, president of ABES, the complaint is a way to enforce the half-price law and thus democratizing access to the carnival. “We were disappointed when we encounter the huge list of blocks and cabins that do not respect the half-entry, but we optimism and courage to demand that the law is enforced,” he said.


What? Bandwagon Student Cookie
When? February 5
Where? Circuit Barra-Ondina in Salvador

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